LFA’s Spark Kits


Spark Kits offers an offline, off-grid ‘classroom in a box’ that makes sure all children, anywhere can learn literacy and numeracy.


Each tablet is equipped with the Elevate app which teaches basic literacy and numeracy using gamified learning, and a Library app that gives children culturally relevant books to engage them on their reading journey.

Team Lead

Team Lead - Rebecca McDonald

Rebecca McDonald Founder & CEO, Library For All

Since founding Library For All, CEO Rebecca McDonald has dedicated the past decade to realising her simple yet powerful dream: let the world learn. Volunteering in Haiti, Rebecca saw classroom after classroom full of students eager to learn but with no books. She was struck by the injustice – she could access limitless books on her own e-reader. Today, Rebecca’s growing team are harnessing technology to disrupt the education and publishing sectors.


Headquarters: Brisbane QLD, Australia

Staff Size: 27

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Growth: An initiative, venture, or organization with an established product, service, or business model rolled out in one or, ideally, several contexts or communities, which is poised for further growth