Octava Knowledge Series

Octava Knowledge Series aims to bring together research, evidence base and foundational knowledge that informs the design, implementation and measurement of services and programs serving all children to thrive in the family, school and community.


We will be bringing leading thinkers to deliver expert overviews and synthesised specialised subject matter to the frontline professionals such as social workers, educators, social innovators and education-focused funders working to close the disadvantage gap in education for all children.


Webinar: Towards Greater Equity Among Young Learners in Singapore

29th November 2022, Tuesday
3:00 – 5:00 pm

Octava Foundation, together with Research for Impact, recently launched the White Paper: Towards Greater Equity Among Young Learners in Singapore. In this webinar, lead researcher, Dr Joanne Yoong will share findings around possible interventions that enable academic achievement and positive learning disposition for primary-school aged children from low socio-economic status. This session is especially relevant for those involved in the public education system, service organisations working to support schools and/or children in community settings, as well as funders targeting children and youth in Singapore. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss insights from this global evidence review and its influence on the development of solutions in Singapore.

About the Speaker:

Dr Joanne Yoong

Dr Joanne Yoong

Dr Joanne Yoong, PhD, is the CEO of Research for Impact and an applied micro-economist and interdisciplinary researcher working on consumer and household decision-making in vulnerable populations. Dr Yoong holds multiple faculty appointments and is the author of over eighty peer-reviewed articles in leading economics, medical and public health journals. She has worked on projects around the world including Singapore, the United States, India, China, Ghana, Kenya, Cambodia, Indonesia and Iraqi Kurdistan.

If you missed the webinar, you can watch the recorded presentation here


Science of Learning Masterclass

25th October 2022, Tuesday
2:30 – 5:30 pm

In 2020, Better Purpose developed the ‘Science of Learning’ report, a synthesis of evidence about how children learn. During this 90-minute session, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the report and the key cognitive processes which inform learning – perception, attention and memory. Through exploring these processes in more depth, you will be introduced to Cognitive Load Theory and will have the opportunity to explore how this concept influences the design of effective learning experiences. Finally, in the masterclass, there will be the opportunity to discuss some other influences upon learning, including motivation and self-belief.



By the end of the masterclass, participants will:

  • Know some of the key cognitive processes that influence learning
  • Understand how teachers and instructional designers can design learning experiences with the Science of Learning in mind
  • Know some other influences on learning (including motivation and self-belief)
About the Speakers
Cate Noble

Cate Noble

Cate is the Managing Director and one of the co-founders of Better Purpose. She leads Better Purpose’s work on strategy and operational effectiveness and has a particular interest in supporting the growth of the EdTech sector. She was previously CEO of the Varkey Foundation and a Director at PwC.


Alice Cornish

Alice Cornish

Alice is a Director and one of the co-founders of Better Purpose. She is an education specialist and has held senior leadership positions in the sector, overseeing significant education programs designed to provide quality education at scale across multiple countries.